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Welcome to our website. We, a Danish family of four, hope to inspire you to explore this big beautiful world with your kids.


We’re so happy you’re here. Please join us on our trips around the world. We love exploring new cultures, feeling the wind blow in our hair and goofing around.

A few facts about us:
Jes: Essentially a homebody. But can be lured out when promised a beautiful view, good food and vine.

Line: A globetrotter. Always planning the next trip (much to Jes’ frustration). Love Germany, hope to go to Cook Islands, Petra and see a blue whale.

Emil: Loves airports and is much admired for his bright white hair when we travel. Biggest dream (at the moment) is to go paragliding.

Rasmus: Doesn’t really care where we go as long as we go together. Biggest trauma: When I (Line) showed his head under water so he could see all the beautiful fish. (Yes, I am a GREAT mother).

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Mysterious Chefchaouen: The Blue Pearl Of Morocco


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We hope this blog inspires you to go on an adventure of your own – and bring the kids! They are never too young to experience other cultures and natures diversity.