Aerial photo of the Oresund Bridge.

Trains from Copenhagen to Malmö

You can get to Malmö from Copenhagen by four different means of transportation: train, bus, car or plane. I find that the easiest and most flexible way to get from Copenhagen to Malmö is to jump on one of the many daily trains from Copenhagen to Malmö.

Trains from Copenhagen to Malmö


Trains from Copenhagen to Malmö

The distance from Copenhagen to Malmö is 30 km, and the train ride takes about 35 minutes. Trains depart from København Hovedbanegård (Copenhagen Central Station) every 20 minutes and stop intermittently at stations like Copenhagen Airport.

You can buy tickets from ticket machines or at DSB Sales & Service at Copenhagen Central Station. A one-way ticket will set you back about 100 DKK.

If you don’t want a paper ticket (well, they are easy to lose), you can download the DSB-app on your phone and purchase your ticket in the app. The app also shows you your route and stops on the way.

Before leaving be sure to pack your passport as the border authorities carry out ID inspection at Copenhagen Airport for travellers going to or from Malmö (or elsewhere in Sweden).

If you don’t want to go from Copenhagen to Malmö by train here are some other suggestions on how to get to Malmö from Copenhagen.


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Copenhagen to Malmö by bus

In Ingerslevsgade, right off Copenhagen Central Station, you’ll find buses like Flixbus taking you back and forth. It takes a little more than one hour to go from Copenhagen to Malmö by bus. The bus leaves several times a day and tickets cost around 50 DKK. You book a seat on the website.

You can also do a guided bus tour from Copenhagen to Malmö, such as this six-hour Malmö Tour.


Copenhagen to Malmö by car

The ride from central Copenhagen to central Malmö takes about 45 – 60 minutes depending on the traffic. A one-way toll fee to cross the Oresund Bridge is 360 DKK.

Take the E20 across the Oresund Bridge and pay the bridge toll on the Swedish side.

If you want to visit Sweden more than once by car you should consider buying a Bropas (bridge pass). With a bridge pass, you pay 167 DKK one-way. The bridge pass is an annual subscription and costs 310 DKK.

When you have purchased a bridge pass you can go on a “Smuttur” (quick getaway) and only pay 105 DKK. With a Smuttur-ticket you have to return to Copenhagen within six hours. The clock starts ticking when you pass the toll station on the Swedish side.


Copenhagen to Malmö by plane

If you love to fly, you have the option to fly from Copenhagen to Malmö – it doesn’t make much sense though as Malmö Airport is located 28 km from Malmö city. I guess a plus would be seeing the Oresund Bridge from above, but that’s really the only plus.