Odense-Zoo is one of many fun things to do in Odense with kids

Ten fun things to do in Odense with kids

Travelling with kids is fun. And it’s even more fun when you have things scheduled that both adults and children enjoy doing. In this post, I’ll guide you to ten fun things to do in Odense, Denmark, with kids. And you’ll all have fun – I promise.

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What to do in Odense with kids

On this list of fun things to do in Odense with kids, you’ll find activities for the high-energy kid as well as the creative and quiet kid. And when you get hungry, I recommend you stop by Storms Pakhus – it’s very laid back and a great place to bring children. But let’s get back to what this post is really about: Finding those funfilled activities for kids in Odense.


Children feeding the giraffes in Odense Zoo. It is one of many fun kid-friendly activities in Odense, Denmark
Photo: Ard Jongsma

Odense Zoo

Odense Zoo is visited by around 500.000 people every year and since 2013, Odense Zoo has held the title of Europe’s Best Zoo amongst smaller zoos. The Odense River flows through the grounds, creating a very authentic atmosphere, and there are loads of animals to look at. Sometimes it takes a little while before you spot the animal you’re looking for, but that’s only because the animals have great living conditions and can hide behind vegetation.

I remember we once went to a zoo in Peru, and it was absolutely awful. The animals just stood out in the sun chained to a pole. You won’t see anything like that at Odense Zoo. At the zoo, you can feed lemurs and giraffes (10€), see tigers, go underwater in the Oceanium, pet rabbits and so much more. There is also a great playground at the zoo, and there are tables close by where you can eat any food that you might have brought from home. You can also buy food at the zoo.

Opening hours: They differ, but you’ll find the necessary info here. Odense Zoo – opening hours.

Children: 34€
Adults: 53€
Seniors(+65): 45€.

Good to know if you bring small children: You can rent handcarts and pushchairs for 5€, and It’s possible to heat a bottle or some baby food at the Chunga restaurant. If you brought your own food, feel free to set your boobs free and breastfeed your child.

How to get to Odense Zoo: You can either go by car, bus or bike. If you go by car, you can park for free across from the zoo. The address of the car park is Sdr. Boulevard 7. If you go by bus, you want to hop on number 40-42 Sanderum – Syddansk Universitet, 51-52 Agedrup / Bullerup – Bellinge, 141 Otterup – Odense – Faaborg or 151-152 Kerteminde – Odense – Assens. They all stop very close to the zoo.


Odense Open Air Pool

Odense Open Air Pool (Odense Friluftsbad in Danish) is popular amongst families in the summer. There are three different pools: Two paddling pools, a poll for bigger children and adults who want to play, and one for people who want to do lanes. There is a 45-meter long waterslide, diving boards (1 and 3 meters), diving platforms (5 and 10 meters) and a water volleyball course in the “play-pool”. The area around the pools is grassy.

Opening hours: Odense Frifluftsbad is open from June until the end of August.
Monday-Friday from 13.00-18.00, weekends from 10.30-18.00. When the schools are closed for the summer (end of June until the beginning of August), Odense Open Air Pool is open all week from 10.30 – 18.00.

Admission: It’s free. Yes, you heard it right. It’s free.

Address: Elsesmindevej 50, 5200 Odense V.


The Danish Railway Museum

Fancy a train ride with a mini-train? If yes, you should drop by the Danish Railway Museum when in Odense. The museum is for train-nerds as well as families looking to do something a little bit different on a vacation in Odense. The museum is great for kids as they are allowed to walk around and touch almost everything in the museum. There is even a Children’s Railway Station where children can pretend to drive a train, sell tickets etc. The Children’s Railway Station is designed especially for toddlers and preschoolers.

If you’ve brought even smaller children, there is a great play area with bricks, blocks, railway tracks and so on the first floor. The cherry on the cake is the mini-train that runs on a more than 500-meter long outdoor track. When you ride the train, you sit on the roof of the train. The Danish Railway Museum is, in my opinion, a great thing to do with kids in Odense.

Opening hours: The Danish Railway Museum is open every day from 10-16.

Children (0-17 years): free
Adults: 11€.

How to get to The Danish Railway Museum: Go by bus or train. The museum is located across from Odense Central Station on Dannebrogsgade.


Funky Monkey Park

Funky Monkey Park is for daredevils. For Tarzan-like people who like to climb trees. When you get to the treetop park you are introduced to the safety equipment, and after that you are free to explore the park. There are seven different courses with varying difficulty in the park. The easy course hangs one meter above the ground, and the “bite-your-nails”-one, also called Scary Monkey, is located 15 meters above the ground. You can see the different courses here.

Opening hours: The park is open from 10-18 from the 1/7-12/8. See the full schedule.

Adults: 38€
Children: 32€
Seniors/students: 34€.

These are online prices. If you buy tickets at the park, they are more expensive. The park recommends that you buy tickets online. A ticket gives you four hours of monkey fun in the park.

Address: Stærmosegårdsvej 57, 5230 Odense M. There are a large number of free parking spaces close to the park.



The Funen Village

The Funen Village is a must-visit for families vacationing in Odense. The Funen Village is an open-air museum that presents a Funen village milieu from the 17th to the 19th century. In the village, you find houses from that era, and you can talk to the blacksmith, watch children herd livestock to the fenced enclosures and see women doing their chores such as cooking, cleaning and sowing.

The Funen Village is definitely worth a visit if you want to experience what it was like to live in Denmark a few centuries ago. During the summer there are a large number of activities and events involving both children and grown-ups, many of them connected to the regular maintenance in The Funen Village.

Opening hours/admission: When to visit.

Address: Sejerskovvej 20, 5260 Odense S.

How to get to The Funen Village: You can get there by bus, boat, train, car or on a bike. Find info here: Transportation.


Leos Playland

Leos Playland, a big indoor playland where kids can really burn off some steam, is another fun thing to do in Odense with kids.  At the playland, you find climbing frames, ball pits, tunnels, trampolines, bicycles, ball cannons, slides and a thousand other things. Kids are guaranteed to be entertained for hours.

Opening hours: Leos Playland is open every day year round from 10-19 except for Public Holidays.

Adults: free
Children under the age of one: free
Children between one and two: 9€.
Children older than two years: 29€ if you visit in a weekend or during a holiday. On a normal weekday, the tickets cost 19€.

Good to know: Bring socks or you’ll be forced to buy lion-socks. And yes, I have a pair. You can buy food at the playland.

Address: Petersmindevej 1E, 5000 Odense C.


The Harry Potter Festival is one of many fun things to do in Odense, Denmark
Photo: Finn Wraa

Magical Days

If you are in Odense in the fall, you definitely want to visit Magical Days – a big festival inspired by the Harry Potter-books. Every year more than 10.000 people come to take part in this free festival. Read more about it here: Harry Potter in Odense.


Museum of Contemporary History

Curious about how Danish people dressed in 1920? Or what a typical living room from 1960 looks like? If you are, you should drop by the Museum of Contemporary History in Odense. The museum is really fun for kids as well as it is a very hands-on museum. It’s allowed to sit in the furniture, dress up in the clothes and flip through the displayed magazines and newspapers. You can’t really do anything wrong.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 10-16.

Adults: 8€
Students: 5€
Children from 6-17 years: 4€
Children from 0-5 years: free

Address: Farvergården 7, 3. floor, 5000 Odense C.


Rent pedalos

If the weather is nice –  and it actually is sometimes – it’s fun to rent a pedalo and spend some time floating around on the Odense River.

Admission: 13€ for a boat in one hour.

Address: Filosofgangen 26, 5000 Odense C.



The Tinderbox, not to be mistaken for the yearly music festival Tinderbox, is a cultural centre where Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales come to life through play and art. It’s a unique experience for both children and their parents.

Opening hours:
2/1-14/6 and 16/9-30/12: Saturday-Sunday from 10-16
15/6-15/9: Monday-Sunday from 10-17

Admission: Children are free all year round. Adults have to pay around 14€ depending on the time of year.

Address: Møntergården, Møntestræde 1, 5000 Odense C.


There you got it – 10 fun things to do in Odense with kids. I hope you have fun.

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