10 things to do on Strynø

10 things to do on Strynø: Denmark’s most laid back island

You’ve probably never heard of it: Strynø. And why would you? It’s a very small island in Denmark with only 216 inhabitants. There is a school for the youngest children, a small grocery store, a church, a museum and an Inn. Nothing else. And yet I love this island. I love it because life is lived at a slow pace on this island. There is no rush hour – really, how could there be with 216 people on the island – everybody says hello and it’s okay to wear your favourite pair of sweatpants (the ones with really big holes in them).

But what I really love about spending time on Strynø is the fact that there is nothing to do. And that’s really what this little island i the the archipelago south of Fyn is all about. Being stripped of all the possibilities city-life provides for you forces you to think of stuff to do you wouldn’t normally do. I’ve had of bit of practise so here is my list of fun things to do on Strynø:


1: Catch crabs

  • Tie a bit of meat on a string and lower it into the water. The crabs will come running for your bait, and when they latch on to it simply pull up the string. Kids love this activity. And when you’ve caught crabs at the harbor for a couple of hours, finish the outing of with a big crab-race.

2: Drink wine

  • When is drinking wine not fun?

3: Read a book

  • Strynø equals peace and quiet to read something a little longer than a Tweet.

4: Talk – have a conversation

  • Yes, we talk at home, but being a family of four most of our conversations revolve around logistics. You do this, I do that – and it all adds up. On Stynø you can explore other topics like “When do you leave in the morning – I never hear you anymore?” and “How is work?”. The conversations don’t have to be deep, heartfelt or even long – just throw a few words out there.

5: Go to the grocery store

  • Now you’re getting a bit desperate. If you’re all out of ideas go to the grocery store. Maybe you’ll bump into someone or see something funny.

6: Take a walk

  • Strynø is a small island – only 1.8 mi². That means you have to revisit a lot of the streets if you go for a lot of walks, but hey – the “Kærlighedsstien” (Lovepath) is always nice.

7: Take a nap

  • ZZZzzzzzzz. And the good part is there is nothing you have to do, so your nap can stretch for hours.

8: Catch frogs in the pond

  • A fun thing to do with kids. Weird without kids.

9: Go sailing

  • Once you’ve been on the ocean everyone can agree to the fact that a nap is well deserved.

10. Do nothing

  • Sit in a chair, listen to the birds, feel the gentle breeze and watch life go by.


There you have it – 10 things to do on Strynø. Now just let the peace sink in while you look at this picture of the view from the small ferry that takes you from Rudkøbing, Langeland, to Strynø.

10 things to do on Strynø

6 thoughts on “10 things to do on Strynø: Denmark’s most laid back island”

  1. Hej Line,
    Tak for et dejligt indlæg!
    Det er svært ikke at være enig i hvad du skriver. Og så er det dejligt med et indlæg om rejsemål, som ikke koster kassen.
    Strynø står helt sikkert på listen i 2018.
    Glæder mig til noget mere rejseinspiration.

  2. Annemette

    Hej Line
    får pludselig mægtig meget lyst til at tage til Strynø! Hvorfor? Jo, netop fordi, man tilsyneladende er nødt til at skabe magien selv. Den bliver ikke serveret for dig. Tænk selv eller lad vær’ – agtigt. Er i øvrigt vild med din overskrift og generelt din måde at skrive på.
    Det frem til at læse mere!

    1. Line

      Hej Annemette,
      Tak for de fine ord. Jeg glæder mig til at fylde mere læsestof på dig og bloggen.
      Vh. Line

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