Storms Pakhus

Storms Pakhus – the best street food in Odense


Savory dumplings, juicy burgers, a steaming hot plate of Pat Thai, crispy crunchy fish and chips, a sweet mouthful of cheesecake and sandwiches stuffed with flavorful ingredients. All of these dishes – and a lot more – you find in Storms Pakhus in Odense. It is a new food hall from 2017 located near the harbor, and I love it!! The food is great, there is a lot to choose from, the prices are reasonable and the atmosphere of the place is light, informal and downright “hyggelig” (the Danish word for cozy)!

Furthermore, the setting is beautiful as all the food stalls are located in the old “pakhus” (storehouse) from I don’t know when, but they knew a thing or two about building aesthetically pleasing structures when Storms Pakhus was built. Do yourself a favor and look up at the ceiling.

But back to what it is all about – the food! Ahhh, the food!! A lot is happening on the food-scene in Odense these years, and you can find great restaurants at every price level, but if you just want a quick and delicious meal – put your money on Storms Pakhus. In Storms Pakhus you find 24 food stalls and 6 bars. While you are walking around debating with your stomach on what to eat, you should go to the end of the storehouse. Here you find small shops, for example, a hairdresser, a pottery and a flower shop.

At Storms Pahkus you sit at benches or in small cozy nooks hidden in the storehouse. You can also sit outside, and in the summertime, there are sometimes concerts and other activities.

Where to eat street food in Odense

How to get there

So, how do you get to Storms Pakhus? If you go by car you can park nearby for free for one, two or three hours, and if you go by bike, you can park for free the whole day:-) Odense is a bike city, and I would highly recommend that you hop on the bike when you want to explore Odense. If you come to Odense by train, you just turn right when you get out of the station and cross the tracks by walking “Byens Bro” (the city’s bridge). It will take you almost directly to Storms Pakhus.


Stuff to do close to Storms Pakhus

When you have indulged at Storms Pakhus and your belly is happy there are a few sights close by that you could drop by. If the sun is shining and the temperatures are decent, you can go to for a free swim at Odense Harbor Bath. If it is raining and you are feeling more “cultural”, you can drop by the North Atlantic House on Byens Ø (the city’s island).  There you can see exhibitions with north Atlantic artists and hear lectures about the region. In the North Atlantic House, you also find a very nice restaurant. If you are staying for a few nights you should definitely make a reservation and try the brunch. It might be a bit pricey, but it is worth every penny.


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Street food in Odense



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