Snorkeling in Sharm el-Sheikh

Snorkeling in Sharm el-Sheikh with kids

Snorkeling in Sharm el-Sheikh is amazing!! If you’re fascinated by the underwater world, you don’t want to miss out on swimming in the Red Sea. The coral reefs are brimming with life at the Red Sea Riviera, and the underwater visibility is up to an astounding 70 meters at some places. It really is a remarkable place and a great place to get your kids acquainted with the underwater world.

Snorkeling in Ras Mohammed National Park

There are several good snorkeling sites close to Sharm el-Sheikh, but in this post, I’ll focus on our trip to Ras Mohamed National Park which is considered one of the best snorkeling spots in the area – and in the whole world.

Snorkeling in Egypt

We left our hotel Sharm Reef in the morning and came back eight hours later with a lot of amazing underwater sights stored in that lovely part of your brain where you keep all your best memories. Emil, our oldest boy, tried snorkeling when we were in Borneo, but this was his first time in very deep water without a life jacket or floaties. He was all alone with his mask and fins, and it really made me proud to see how well he handled it. Being a very good swimmer myself I could have easily have come to his rescue had panicked, but he didn’t. He just enjoyed the adventure, and the second time we went into the water, we were lucky enough to see a huge fish. He also keeps talking about the fish he almost touched.

Snorekling in the Red Sea

The marine life in Ras Mohammed National Park is very diverse, and you can expect to see surgeonfish, anthias, angelfish, clownfish, butterflyfish, parrotfish, giant clams, snappers and so many other species. It feels like swimming in an aquarium when you get close to the coral reefs, and I think we saw all of the above in the two snorkeling spots where we made a stop. We were especially impressed by the regal angelfish’s vibrant colours, and we also liked the bright yellow butterflyfish and huge clams, but it’s hard to pick out favourites when you’re surrounded by that much beauty.

There are also reef sharks, turtles, and barracudas in the national park, but luckily we didn’t see any. I think it would have been a bit much for me as a mother to be in the water with my son and a shark.

In total, we made three stops with the boat, and the second one was at a big sand island a couple of hours into the trip. I think we only made the stop so everyone could get pictures for Instagram – there were certainly enough women who struck a pose to get the right picture. It never ceases to amaze me what people will do for a little attention on social media. Get a grip, ladies – get a grip!!!

We bought our trip at our hotel and were able to rent the masks and fins before we set sail. I think that’s how tour operators work.

Best time to snorkel in Sharm el-Sheikh

The climate in Sharm el-Sheikh is subtropical desert, with mild winters and very hot summers. The water temperature is relatively constant around 25°C, and snorkeling is possible all year round. We went i January, and we had a great trip, but the wind was a bit cold. I’m thinking the absolute best time to go snorkeling in Sharm el Sheikh is in the spring (April and May) or fall (September and October).

Is Sharm el-Sheikh child-friendly?

The Red Sea is child-friendly and a great place to teach children how to snorkel. The sea is calm, clear and full of life. And on land….there is no getting around the fact that Sharm el-Sheikh is located in an unstable corner of the world. We chose to stay at our hotel except for the Red Sea-trip, but you don’t have to. There is a lot of security and a lot of the other guests went to see the old market, some malls and so on. We chose the heated pool!!!