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Please your inner nature lover with a shelter trip

I’ve never considered myself to be an outdoorsy person who would sleep in a shelter – I’m more like the friend you have who is always cold. But after we got kids we tend do to more and more outdoorsy stuff. Maybe it is because you don’t have to clean up nearly as much when you play outside.

Anyways – this post is about going on shelter trips with kids. We have tried it a few times as it is a cheap and refreshing way to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind for at few days. The first shelter we ever stayed in was at Horne Næs – a place on Funen, Denmark.

Shelter Horne Næs

On the danish website you can find shelters on Funen and the south Funen archipelago. The archipelago is a unique area of 55 islands in the Baltic Sea. If you have any specific requirements you can filter your search. We, for example, like to have a toilet nearby, and then we also always want to stay close to the sea and have a place to build a fire.


Close to the beach

At Horne Næs the shelters are located in a forest with only 30 meters to the beach. There are three different shelters, two of them more modern and one old fashioned. I really like the old one because here you have the full view of the forrest when you go to sleep.

In recent years the municipalities on Funen have had an increased focus on attracting active travellers who enjoy doing things in the outdoors. That means most of the shelters are in a really fine condition. Some of them are even completely new. And it costs you less than a cup of coffee bought at a fancy place to stay at them.

Shelter Horne Næs

While we stayed at Horne Næs we did what most people do when they spend time in nature. We swam in the ocean, made a fire in the night and simply just hung out. After a full day in the fresh air you naturally get tired, and it is simply magic to fall asleep in the open air listening to the sounds of the forest.

Shelter Horne Næs


10 thoughts on “Please your inner nature lover with a shelter trip”

  1. I have seen similar structures built on beaches around home. It’s so cool that you can camp in them. My wife and I love camping and the outdoors and will check out this site to see what kind of destinations are available.

  2. Our son would absolutely love taking a shelter trip like this. Our daughter probably wouldn’t, but she’d be willing to give it a try for one night. I love the looks of the shelter, and the beach would be so much fun.

  3. I love this! I’ve never heard of these types of shelters before. We like to camp, but are used to having to haul our own tent and equipment. This is such a wonderful opportunity to travel lighter and still experience nature and just enjoy the outdoors!

  4. I have only slept in these, what we call a lean-too when I was hiking in Maine, USA. We had mice constantly trying to get into our stuff throughout the night but it was a really fun experience and one I hope to have again (minus the mice) as there really is nothing like leaving it all behind and heading out into the woods to be surrounded by nature.

  5. I have not heard of these before but these look a great option. Especially if you need to travel light/backpacking etc… and cant bring too much with you.

  6. Sometimes it’s real nice to just do nothing in nature. Actually, that’s what I’d like to do all of the time 🙂

  7. Back to basics and back to nature. That’s what this sweet and simple shelter reminds me of. Its so important for kids to realize that simple can be beautiful too. This is a perfect way of driving home that point.

  8. What a unique place to stay in. I bet your kids were having a blast in the water!

  9. I didn’t know shelter trips were a thing! How cool! I’m the opposite of an outdoorsy person, but this looks like something even I’d be interested in. And I bet it’s amazing with kids 🙂

  10. There is nothing like being out in nature and it’s wonderful to see children engaging with it 😊

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