Bako National Park trails


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Hiking the Bako National Park trails


If you like nature, hiking, and rare animals, you should definitely consider going to Bako National Park and hike one of the many trails. The park is one of Borenos oldest national parks, covers 27 sq km, is home to about 280 proboscis monkeys and the perfect introduction to Sarawak’s forests and wildlife….

The Ingvertsen family
Odense, Danmark

Welcome to the travel blog If you are looking for inspiration, pictures from around the globe and descriptions of travel destinations with a personal touch - you have come to the right place. Behind the blog, you find us - a Danish family of four that loves to travel. Because we are a family our endeavors described on this blog will also reflect that. That means you won't find a guide a la "The five best clubs in London" on the blog, but you will get to follow us in Borneo's jungle, the high plains of Iceland and on shelter trips in Denmark. We like to go where you can feel the wind, and where nature really unfolds itself. Ohh - and not to forget: We have the insider tips on where to go in Denmark.

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