Going camping with your kids in Denmark - try booking a shelter

Going camping with your kids – try a lean-to shelter

If my two boys were allowed, they would watch TV, play Minecraft and watch mindnumbing shows on YouTube until their eyes started to bleed. Lucky for them, they have a mother (me) who is big on rules when it comes to staring zombie-like into a screen, and sometimes I even manage to plan a weekend with no screen-time at all. Helloooooo! When that happens I feel VERY accomplished as a parent.

I have found that it is really good to get the kids out of the house and into nature when we need to spend some quality time together as a family. Before we go I  pat my boys down to see if they have any electronic devices hidden on them, and it might get a little rough, and there might be tears and scratch marks, but eventually, I will have pried everything with an on/off button out of their hands, and we are ready to go.

When we go away for a weekend we like to rough it a bit, and there are a lot of good opportunities to do just that when you live on Funen, Denmark. We like to book a lean-to shelter on the website Bookenshelter. The site features shelters all over Funen that you are able to book in advance, which is a huge advantage when you go with kids. The lean-to shelters – or just shelters as we call them in Denmark, come in different shapes and sizes, but almost all of them are in really good shape. Some of them are the old-fashioned kind where you have an open view of the forest, beach or wherever, and then you have the new ones which resemble small houses. Very small houses with excellent ventilation. The lean-to shelters can be booked by anyone, and it is cheaper to stay at them than to buy a cup of coffee at a fancy place.

Not long ago we went to Fjællebroen, a really cozy campsite with two shelters, a campfire and a primitive toilet.

Camping in a lean to with kids
First, the floor of the lean-to shelter had to be swept with a branch.


What did we do?

After we arrived, unpacked our things and had a snack, we headed for the boardwalk less than a minute away from the campsite. It is a very unstable boardwalk, but that adds to the excitement. And the view is pretty awesome. We always make sure to bring nets when we go somewhere close to the water – kids can spend hours trying to catch fish.

Going camping with your kids in Denmark - try booking a shelter



At the campsite, there are also a couple of swings and a green patch where you can play football.  In the evening we built a fire with wood we had brought from home, and the kids made twisterbread. At some shelters you can buy wood, but not this one. And be sure to bring a lot of firewood – you always use more than you think. Close to the campsite, there is a harbor with a restroom (a real one), and you can get water. You used to be able to buy ice cream, but not anymore. Apparently, there is no money in selling ice cream at Fjællebroen.


Fjællebroen on Fuenen


The beaches close by

There is no beach close to the shelters, but you can jump in the water from the harbor. It is pretty deep, though, so your kids have to be good swimmers if you don’t want to risk having to go in after one of them. Not willing to take that risk we started googling beaches and found a really nice one about 20 minutes away by car. The beach is called Klinten Strand, and there are parking places, a nice sandy beach, a boardwalk and an ice cream parlor.  What else can you ask for?

kids in a lean-to shelter


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Going camping in Denmark - try booking a shelter with your kids