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Great fun for LEGO fanatics

I’ll admit it – we are LEGO fanatics – and therefore it is no big surprise that we are extremely excited about the new LEGO House in Billund, Denmark. Here you can have the ultimate LEGO experience and spend hours unleashing your creativity. We spent seven hours at LEGO House, and we only really made it through two of the four Experience Zones.

Once you start playing there is really no turning back. Our favourite thing was the Story Lab in the Green Zone where you can make your own movie with LEGO bricks. You get a small booth with a fixed camera for 15 minutes, and then you simply take the bricks and make a small story while taking tons of pictures. Every time you move something on your LEGO characters you take a picture, and when your time is up you have made your very own movie! It is pretty cool, and I had to drag Emil, our eldest son, away from it after one hour or he would still be sitting there.

LEGO tree

In the Green Zone, you also find Character Creator where you “cast” (and by that I mean build the characters you want in your movie”) and World Explorer which will impress even the nerdiest LEGO aficionados. In World Explorer, you can immerse yourself in the lives of countless minifigures as you explore three islands: The vibrant City, the bustling Town & Countryside and the exotic Tropical Paradise. What I really like about it is the humor in the LEGO scenes. You can’t help but crack a smile when you really start exploring the small stories in this huge LEGO world.


No crap food – thank you so much!

After the Green Zone we ventured into the Yellow Zone to build fish and set them free in a digital aquarium. Again – very cool!!! All this building made us hungry so we went to get something to eat, and can I just send a million thank yous to LEGO for not filling the Cafeteria with crap such as candy, cakes and oversized soda cups. It just makes everything a whole lot easier, and I personally think it reflects really well on the company, that it takes a stand when it comes to children’s nutrition. It’s not that you can’t get an ice-cream – you can, but you are not swept away in a tsunami of sugar when you go to eat.


So quiet, so quiet

Maybe the absence of sugar-high kids was one of the reasons the sound level was surprisingly low in LEGO House, but I actually think it had more to do with the fact that you are required to concentrate when you build LEGO. I talked to some other parents about it and they all agreed – it was very quiet. When you looked around you could see kids and their parents immersed in their own LEGO world, and when you are in that fantasy world, you don’t really need a lot of words.

And you can trust me on this one, because we spend hours building LEGO without doing much more than point to a brick or shake our heads on a regular basis.

I’m actually surprised LEGO has not rewarded us with some sort of discount card as we spend a scary amount of money on LEGO. Come to think of it I actually think they should have some sort of detox-programme for kids who want NOTHING ELSE than bricks for their birthday….just a suggestion.

Robo Lab

But back to LEGO House where we went from the Cafeteria upstairs that is wrapped around a humongous brick tree to the Blue Zone. Here we went straight to the Robo Lab and sent each our Arctic explorer robot out to rescue mini-figures and mammoths frozen in ice. We did a couple of rounds, and then I must admit, that I was getting ready to go home. My boys – not so much. So we made a quick stop at the Test Driver where you build a car and send it down a steep slope. Some cars break and then it is back to the drawing board.


Just go!

If you ever come to Denmark and like to play with bricks I highly recommend you to visit LEGO House. It is just good fun that really makes you use those brain cells!!


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Explore the Lego House in Billund,Denmark

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