Airbnb in Reykjavik

A good tip: great Airbnb apartment in Reykjavik

Let’s be honest. Iceland is expensive. The kind of expensive where you raise your eyebrows every time you check a price tag – or just want to buy loaf of bread: “Really, that much (eyebrows going up)”, “Noooo, that must be a mistake (eyebrows going up)” and “I want to buy water, not liquid gold (eyebrows going up)”. After a few days you look constantly surprised, which I’m not sure is a good look.

But we were well aware that you have to pay with gold bars on Iceland before we went in 2017, so we decided to rent an apartment through Airbnb. We had never done that before, but it seemed like a good choice, and so it was! After searching the Airbnb website we found an apartment close to the city center and with really good recommendations. Former occupants gave it five stars on all parameters – accuracy, check-in, cleanliness, communication, value, and location.

Of course we had concerns – is the apartment clean, is our host reliable and so on. But there really was no need to worry. Árni Páll, the owner of the apartment, stood in the doorway with keys, when we arrived, and we quickly saw that everything was as promised.


A good spot in Reykjavik

With an address on Bríetartún the apartment is about five minutes away from Laugavegur, the main street in Reykjavik, and about 50 yards away from Fosshotel Reykjavik, which is a pickup location for a lot of the tour operators in Reykjavik. That really is a huge gift when you come home in the middle of the night with two children after having chased the northern lights for hours.  While we stayed at the apartment we had a few problems with the toilet (I’ll spare you the details), but Árni Páll was super reliable and answered our messages within minutes.


Well equipped

In the apartment we found everything we needed such as shampoo, soap, dishwasher tabs, towels, garbage bags…just about anything. Actually, the apartment was so well equipped that we at no point could think of anything we missed. Or maybe just one thing – there was no oven in the apartment, but there was a toaster and microwave which is a welcome input in a city where every buy makes you cringe.


Check out the apartment here: Airbnb


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