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Going camping with your kids in Denmark - try booking a shelter


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Going camping with your kids – try a lean-to shelter


If my two boys were allowed, they would watch TV, play Minecraft and watch mindnumbing shows on YouTube until their eyes started to bleed. Lucky for them, they have a mother (me) who is big on rules when it comes to staring zombie-like into a screen, and sometimes I…

The Ingvertsen family
Odense, Danmark

Hey you, appreciator of all things travel. Welcome! And feel free to join us, a Danish family of four, on our travels. We love nature, to feel the wind in our hair and be humbled by Mother Nature's creations. This has so far led us to Borneo, Iceland, Spain and so many other places. We also think our kids will appreciate nature and other cultures more if they are exposed to them in real life - and not just on a screen. Ohh - and not to forget: We have the insider tips on where to go and what to see in Denmark.