Get in the spirit at the H.C. Andersen Christmas Market in Odense, Denmark

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine…yes, that time of year is coming closer. That means it’s time to tell you about one of the coziest Christmas markets in Denmark: The H.C. Andersen Christmas Market. Every year about 50.000 people from near and far come to Odense to get into that special Christmas spirit and experience what Christmas looked like when the famous fairy tale writer H.C. Andersen was still around.


Christmas like in the 19th century

The market is located in the old part of town and is surrounded by beautiful townhouses, old merchant houses and crooked half-timbered houses built centuries ago. It’s really the perfect setting for anyone looking to immerse themselves in a bit of Christmas nostalgia. At the market, you find 65 stalls serving and selling everything Christmas-related such as mulled wine, candied apples, crullers (I’m not really sure if that’s just a Scandinavian thing), knitted shawls, wooden toys, antique Christmas decorations, pottery and so on. Buying Christmas presents at the H.C. Andersen Christmas Markets really beats buying them anywhere else as you can eat a warm pancake with Nutella while picking them out.

A horse carriage
Photo: H.C. Andersen Julemarkedet


The entertainment at the market is inspired by H.C. Andersen and his fairy tales, and you if you bring kids, they won’t be bored. Musicians, choirs, actors and showmen are hired to recreate that special Christmas feel from the 19th century, and they do a pretty good job, I think. If all the walking around makes your feet ache, or you simply want to see a bit more of Odense, you can book a ride in one of the three horse-drawn carriages at the market. There is also a big Belgian mirror-tent with music, cold beers and warm sausages at the market. This is a tent that most men find very attractive, and I guess you can’t really blame them.

Entertainment at H.C. Andersen's Christmas Market in Odense, Denmark
Photo: H.C. Andersen Julemarkedet

The Christmas market in Odense takes place in the two first weeks of December every year, and the entrance is free.

If you want to follow the preparations for this years Christmas market and keep track of any new information, you can follow the official Facebook page.

If you are interested in knowing more about H.C. Andersen and his connection to Odense you can easily do so while visiting the Christmas market. Close to the market, you find H.C. Andersen’s birthplace, childhood home and the Hans Christian Anders Museum.


How to get to the H.C. Andersen Christmas Market

The market is very easy to reach if you go by bus or train as it is only a 10-15-minute walk away from the central bus- and train station. If you go by car, you can park in the new parking basement underneath Odeon, a music-, theatre- and conference house. You can enter the parking basement from Thomas B. Thriges Gade, Hans Mules Gade and Nørregade.


Christmas lights in Odense

Odense is, in my opinion, one of the prettiest cities on Funen when December hits. Thousands of white lights transform the city into a magical winter wonderland, and you really start to feel it – that Christmas is just around the corner. You find the prettiest Christmas lights in Vintapperstræde, where a wave of light covers the sky, Brandts Passage (a small pedestrian street) and the two main shopping streets, Vestergade and Kongensgade.


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