The beach Es Trenc is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca

Four beautiful beaches in Mallorca

Pristine beaches with soft white sand and turquoise water is something most of us have high on the checklist when we start looking for a place to spend our next beach holiday. Thailand, the Philippines and generally all small islands in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean Sea seem like a safe bet, but you don’t have to go so far if you live in Europe.

On our first trip to Mallorca, we found that they have extremely beautiful beaches in Mallorca. Soft white sand and crystal clear water – it’s right there in Mallorca. Which is why I’m pretty sure we will keep coming back so we can revisit those beautiful beaches in Mallorca.  It has to be said I was a bit reluctant to go to Mallorca as it has always set off an alarm in my head because of the reputation it earned in the seventies when it was high on Sangria and pigs feasts. Maybe it’s a European thing, but back then everyone with a little money in the bank went to Mallorca to let loose, indulge and “pig out” on alcohol and food.

Today I’m very happy I was able to overcome my prejudices about Mallorca, and I totally get why everyone was so excited about Mallorca when it became a thing to jet off on vacation in the seventies: The landscape is beautiful and dramatic, and the Mallorcan beaches are like nowhere else I’ve been in Europe.

Four beautiful Mallorcan beaches

In the following section, I will provide you with all the necessary info on parking, facilities and child-friendliness at the four beautiful Mallorcan beaches Es Trenc, Cala Formentor Beach, Cala Mesquida and Torrent de Pareis. All the beaches except Es Trenc are located in the north eastern part of Mallorca. If you like mountains just as much as you like beaches, maybe you should read this post as well: Must-visit places in the Tramuntana mountain range.

Es Trenc

Sometimes you see a picture of a beach, you go, and it is nothing like the picture. Es Trenc is more than the picture. It’s simply amazing if you are a beach-aficionado with a soft spot for white sand and clear blue water.

A beautiful beach in Mallorca

Es Trenc is not attached to any resort, so it’s pretty isolated and has a wild and natural feel to it. The beach is two kilometres long and unsullied (yes, I have binge-watched Game of Thrones. When IS the new season coming out!) by shops and restaurants. I know this because we forgot towels when we went to Es Trenc, and it was impossible to find anywhere to buy some new ones on the beach. I did, however, stumble upon a restaurant a little bit away from the beach, but I think it’s the only one there. So – be sure to bring everything you need, when you go to Es Trenc.

I did love our trip to Es Trenc, but our forgetfulness made it a bit stressful as Jes, my other half, doesn’t like sand. That means he was squatting the whole time we were there because we didn’t have any towels. Did I love that particular part of the trip – not so much!

The beach Es Trenc in Mallorca with its soft white sand and crystal clear water

How to get to Es Trenc: We went by car, which is pretty easy. A few hundred meters away from the beach there is a big parking lot. It costs seven Euros for a full day. Check this link to see bus transportation from Palma to Es Trenc: Buses to Es Trenc. Buses from Palma to Es Trenc only run in the summer.

Child-friendliness: Es Trenc is the perfect beach destination if you bring kids. The water is very shallow, the sand is soft and the water is clear. You should, however, mind the current. We found that Rasmus, our youngest son, suddenly was about to embark on a big sea-voyage on his inflatable unicorn because we had looked away for a very short period of time. I’m talking less than a minute.

Facilities: As I said, be sure to bring everything you might need when you are at the beach. The only thing you can buy at the beach is fruit from a vendor with a wheelbarrow.

Nudity: If you want, you can flaunt it all at Es Trenc. Not the whole beach, but south of Ses Covetes nude swimming is allowed.

Fun in the water: A great place for any sort of water sport.

Cala Mesquida

Cala Mesquida is a very “dramatic” beach. It’s nestled in between cliffs and known for ist unruly sea. But it’s also a very beautiful beach, and when the waves are not too big, it’s fun to mess about on an inflatable unicorn (or anything else for that matter) in the surf. The sand is soft and white, and the water is clear. There are also lifeguards and flags that will alert you to sea conditions and other potential hazards such as jellyfish. Personally, I think it Cala Mesquida is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca.

Cala Mesquida is one of four fantastic beaches in Mallorca, Spain

Cala Mesquida in Mallorca. A beautiful beach with soft white sand and clear water

How to get to Cala Mesquida: As far as I can tell it’s only possible to get to Cala Mesquida by car. The beach is located near a cluster of resorts, and you’ll find free parking near the resorts. If you follow the road that leads into Cala Mesquida (there is only one) and take the second turn in the roundabout, you’ll find a parking lot with pine trees after a few hundred meters. It’s free to park here.

Child-friendliness: Cala Mesquida is no fun for small children as the waves are often big, but children from the age of six years and up can have so much fun at Cala Mesquida. It does, however, depend on how used to water your kids are. We come from Denmark, a country surrounded by water, and therefore it is natural that children learn to swim at an early age. If your child does not “know” water and can therefore not anticipate the dangers, I would find another beach. There are lifeguards at the beach.

Facilities: You can rent parasols and sunbeds, and there is a nice restaurant on the beach with a great view of the sea. We ate there once, and I think the prices are reasonable.

Fun in the water: You can do all sorts of water sports at Cala Mesquida, and it is great to snorkel at the rocky sides of the cove. Some days it might be a bit of a challenge to paddle board if the wind is strong though.

Cala Formentor Beach

To get to Cala Formentor Beach you have to do a bit of a white-knuckle-drive, but the beach is praised and loved by a lot of people. When we went, the water not as clear as we expected, but the beach has a fantastic view of the bay of Pollensa. The beach is remote and therefore not so busy which can be a big plus in Mallorca. Cala Formentor Beach is also known as Cala Pi de la Posada and consists of Cala Gentil, Formentor Beach, Hotel Formentor and Formentor Island. The beach is one kilometre long, 12 meters wide and surrounded by a large pine forest. It was a little bit cloudy when we got there – both water and air, but on other days it should be a fantastic beach.

Cala Formentor is a beautiful beach in Mallorca

How to get to Cala Formentor Beach: You can reach the beach by car, bus or boat. If you go by car, you will be happy to know that there is a big parking lot close to the beach. You have to pay to park. The beach is located 14 kilometres from Port de Pollença.

Child-friendliness: Cala Formentor Beach is great fun for kids. The water is shallow, and wild goats roam the beach. The goats are not tame, but they will impress any child.

Goats on Cala Formentor Beach in Mallorca

Facilities: The beach is well equipped with showers, bars and a restaurant, and you can rent hammocks, parasols and equipment for water sport.

Fun in the water: You can do all sorts of water sports at Cala Formentor Beach. Pedalos are available to rent, and at the far end of the beach, you can hire jet skis. It’s also a popular beach for windsurfing, stand up paddle boarding and kayaking.

Torrent de Pareis

Torrent de Pareis is the name of a beach well hidden behind the Serra de Tramuntana, but it’s also a huge river gorge. Torrent de Pareis actually derives its name from the union of two deep canyons. The setting is very dramatic, and the beach is squeezed in between two steep cliffs. The sand is a bit gravelly, but the water is crystal clear like most other places in Mallorca.

The water at Sa Calobra in Mallorca.

To get to Torrent de Pareis you have to drive through the Serra de Tramuntana to Sa Calobra, and this drive is not for the timid. Hair-raising hairpin turns combined with a lot of traffic on very small roads will keep your blood pumping really hard while on the road, and at times you will question your own sanity.

Hairpin road in Mallorca.

But when you get there, you will see why tourists with a bit of adventure in their blood flock to this beach. When you arrive in Sa Calobra you might be tempted to jump in the water at Cala Sa Calobra, the first beach you meet after having parked the car, but keep going. Walk past the bars and restaurants, through 200 meters of tunnel, and you will get to Torrent de Pareis. It’s wildly impressive.

How to get to Torrent de Pareis: You can reach Torrent de Pareis by car, bus or one of the ferry boats that come in a few times a day in July and August. If you drive – prepare yourself for a wild ride. You’ll find a parking lot just before you reach Sa Calobra. You have to pay to use it.

Child-friendliness: The beach is not child-hostile, but I wouldn’t call it child-friendly either. If you have smaller kids, I would definitely choose one of the many other great beaches on the island.

Facilities: Before you reach Torrent de Pareis, at Cala Sa Calobra, you find bars and restaurants along with toilets and first aid help. It’s not possible to rent parasols or sunbeds, so remember to bring nice soft towels and sunscreen. There’s no lifeguard either.

Fun in the water: You can snorkel, but other than that, there are no water sports activities.

I hope you found this post useful. I so – why not pin it. You have to do the hover-thing.

Pictures of beaches in Mallorca

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