About us

Welcome to NordicTravellers. Behind this blog, you find us – a family from Funen, Denmark, that tries to conquer the world step by step. The family consists of Line, Jes and the children Emil and Rasmus. Because we are family and travel as a family (except for the few “escapes” we – the adults – make a couple of times a year) you probably will not find guides such as “The five best clubs in London” on our blog. It is much more likely you’ll find an article about how to avoid leaches in the jungle because that is where we like to go. Not ONLY the jungle but to places where you can really feel nature and where the greatness in it all gives you goosebumps.

We hope this blog inspires you to go on an adventure of your own – and bring the kids! They are never too young to experience other cultures and natures diversity.

Line is a reporter and has lived in Boston and Munich. She has a weakness for Germany, its very cool people and the perfectly “square” language. Line daydreams about going to New Zealand, Cook Islands, The Galápagos, Canada and Corsica.

Jes (yes, it is pronounced like yes – you could say Jes is a yes-man) is a  building constructor and a huge fan of home. Most of all he enjoys spending time at our summerhouse on Strynø, but if I poke him really hard he will agree to go on a trip where you need to bring a passport. Maybe that’s not completely fair because he does have this big dream of going to Canada and Japan.

Emil goes to school and loves LEGO and Minecraft. He does not have any preferences as to where we go – as long as it is “luxury”. It should be said it very seldom is luxurious when we travel, but sometimes we upgrade to make him happy:-)

Rasmus also goes to school – a class under Emil. He loves his big brother, Minecraft and to make us laugh. He does not care where we go in the world as long as we go together.