A tribute to Mallorca

It’s not really fair, is it? The way we think about Mallorca. In the seventies she hosted a huge party with gallons of sangria and pigs on giant skewers, and now the past clings to her like a pair of moist Speedos to a mans bottom. But Mallorca has come a long way since the seventies where hordes of danes and other nationalities went to the island to drink and eat until they could not recognize themselves in the mirror.

Today Mallorca is something very different. It is raw, unspoilt, beautiful nature. Especially the color and clarity of the ocean is remarkable. Why go to Thailand when you can go to Mallorca was my first thought, when we visited the island in 2017. You can find a lot of spectacular beaches around the world, but a lot of places they are covered in trash, and you find yourself swimming with diapers, bottles and other stuff. On Mallorca they take care of their island – and the water.


Sa Calobra

If you want to explore the nature on the island there are a lot of different national parks to choose from. We chose to go to Sa Calobra which several times has been nominated as being one of the most beautiful natural areas on Mallorca. To go to Sa Calobra you have to drive through the mountains Serra de Tramuntana where small roads twist and turn around Puig Major – the highest point on Mallorca. Here even the most experienced driver will get white knuckles after a short while, why it is good to get out of the car once in a while and shake the fear out of your body. When you do that, you will find that it is hard to get into the car again. Not only because the driving scares the living daylights out of you, but also because the view from Serra de Tramuntana is spectacular.

At Sa Calobra you can get a bit to eat and drink before heading through a lit mountain tunnel which takes you to the really gorgeous beach at Torrent de Pareis. The unique thing about this beach is that high cliffs surround it which makes it all very impressive. We had planned to swim at Sa Calobra but the ocean was angry that day, so we decided against it and went by Alcudia on our way home to Cala Mesquida instead.



If you have done a bit of research before going to Alcudia, you will find that the old part of the city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and especially the old city wall is quite impressive and fun to take a stroll on. Inside the medieval city walls  a labyrinth of charming small streets with lots of cafes and restaurants awaits you. Every Tuesday there is a market in town where you can buy clothes, fruits, cheese, toys…..well, you name it.


If you are going to Mallorca for the first time and need an extensive guide, check this post out from “Life On The Mediterranean”: Mallorca for first-time visitors.

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3 thoughts on “A tribute to Mallorca”

  1. Hej Line,

    Det er bare så ærgerligt, at mange stadig tror Mallorca kun er grisefester, sangria og danskerkoloni. Det fortjener den skønne, smukke ø bare slet ikke. Vi ELSKER Mallorca, og har faktisk lige været der en uge her i februar. Vi boede i Palma og tog et par dagture ud derfra. Det var en skøn, skøn uge. Sa Calobra er et fantastisk sted, men ja – køreturen er ikke for tøsedrenge 😀

    Dejligt, at I kunne lide øen. Der er et par indlæg på min blog, hvis du har lyst til at læse om nogle af vores oplevelser dernede.


    1. Line

      Hej Kirsten,
      Ja, det er rigtig synd, at det gamle “image” hænger ved, for Mallorca er virkelig fantastisk. Øen overrasker på den helt rigtige måde, og jeg tror, at har man først været der, så bliver man i en vis grad ved med at komme tilbage. Jeg er simpelthen så imponeret over havet og strandene.
      Jeg vil lige tjekke din blog ud, for vi skal tilbage til efteråret, og vi er altid ude efter gode udflugter.
      Vh. Line

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